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Tasha Reiko-Brown
Like so many little girls, make-up artist Tasha Reiko-Brown became intrigued by make-up while witnessing her mother's daily beauty routine. But it was the routine of Brown chaperoning her sister to her photo shoots that finally piqued Brown's interest in the backstage process and where she stumbled upon on her passion.

While her sister was being photographed, Brown would be backstage assisting the artists. Finally, fate knocked on Brown's door when one of the make-up artists fell ill and asked Brown to fill in. She gladly accepted the opportunity and was paid 75 dollars. She was ecstatic to have been paid but the truth is that she loved doing makeup so much, she would have done it for free. Brown whole-heartedly believes in the old adage "If you find work you love, you'll never work a day in your life."

So Brown began to work as a make-up artist, remained positive, took chances and thought of 'NO' as a starting negotiation. Brown built up her book, built her network and found an agent. Sooner than later, the work started to come. Brown's work can be seen in: Harper's Bazaar shot by Peter Lingburgh, Elle Greece shot by Sandra Weimar, (fill in list).

Brown loves the transformation that makeup creates. In everyday life, Brown likes the attitude and confidence make-up gives women. Her beauty philosophy is "less is more." Brown says, "Beauty is currency and if it's not felt on the inside, its not reflected on the outside." She also loves to collaborate with other artists on set, all working together to create beautiful photos that express strong emotions and that strike a chord with their viewer.

Brown's most recent projects are the cover of Spin magazine and an appearance on Style Network's "How Do I Look." Brown genuinely loves what she does and is quite successful at it. Her dream is to be the creative director for a cosmetic line and perhaps even have a line of her own. Tasha Reiko Brown is one of the industry's stars, with only more success to come.
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