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Tracy B. does not follow the pack and she does not need to. Her clientele ranges from career women to cool cosmopolitan girls sharing the same desire: to alter their appearance quickly and easily and still look fabulous. After styling hair for 10 years, Tracy B.was ready to supersede the status quo. So she created something that transcends age, race, and hair textures; she produced her own line of custom-made hair extensions. She saw this as a huge opportunity to leave her mark on the beauty industry.

A Brooklyn native, Tracy B. was raised in a family of four girls, where she had more than enough subjects to hone her skills. Her earliest recollection of wanting to be a hairstylist was at the age of eight. "It was Christmas" she says, "Mom got me a life size hair station that came fully equipped with a life size doll to practice on." It was then that Tracy B. fell in love with styling hair, "Truthfully," she says, "I love being able to transform people."

Later Tracy B. studied cosmetology at the Empire Beauty School and attended a business program, where she studied finance and marketing. With relentless drive and wicked work ethic, her products became more lucrative. The next step in this creative business mind was to start her company. Tracy B. launched her line of hair products and opened a consulting agency. Her success, she says, is rooted in her tenacity and business savvy. Success never looked so fabulous.

Currently, Tracy B. is building her brand and expanding her "Coifed by Tracy Balan" hairline. She is signed to Balan Inc., a premier booking agency that represents hairstylists, make-up artists, fashion stylists, videographers and photographers.
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